No issue is more important than crime, no tragedy is greater.  We need tougher sentencing, more funding for police and corrections, and new people at all levels of government who will not undercut the criminal justice system.  “The Yin & Yang of Liberal Crime Policy” is published at top national op-ed site American Thinker.  “The Revolving Door Crime Wave” documents sixty years of utopian insanity, extortion and excuses. “Independent Conservative Crime Campaign Platform” is a blueprint for effective campaigning. 

New: A Century of Homicides

The Yin & Yang of Liberal Crime Policy

Yin & Yang:  YouTube video podcast

The Revolving Door Crime Wave

Independent Conservative Crime Campaign Platform

(not the one Republicans run on)

Derived from the history ‘The Revolving Door Crime Wave’, sixty years of utopian insanity and failure, posted at John K MacIver Institute for Public Policy.

1). Campaigns should be mutually supportive. “We need new people at all levels of government who will not undercut the criminal justice system.”

2). Campaigns should be ideological: Attack toxic progressive policies. Win the culture war.

3). Arguing specific issues is often a trap. Turn the Tables. Cite their six decades of insanity and endless failures.

4). Do not over promise. Tell the public that if they want a new era of safety and low crime, the voters need to fire the ‘revolving door’ progressives.

5). Learn the history. Read ‘The Revolving Door Crime Wave’. This started in the 1960s with progressives deliberately and immediately returning criminals to the streets. Not much has changed since.

6). Learn the three pillars of progressive insanity. Starting in the 1960s: ‘Behavioral scientists will rehabilitate criminals without the need for prison’, which triggered the biggest crime explosion ever. Followed by ‘Criminals are the victims of the unjust society’, which rewards and emboldens criminals. Followed by: ‘Criminal justice is imperfect and must be torn down’, revolutionary anarchy in action.

7) Crime is the extortion engine of progressive power: for largess, for political gain, to attack the 2nd Amendment and to grow the government.

8) Crime is utopian mass insanity, political extortion and cruel indifference. Say it.

9). Grassroots conservatives will be key if this is ever going to change.

Origins of Democracy Quiz (six minutes)

Green Failure & Bankruptcy in Canada

Other Policy Positions

Juveniles: At some point repeat offenders use up their free pass. Early intervention including boarding schools might be considered. Continuously throwing juveniles to the streets: the allure of easy gains, selfish motives, drugs and gangs; is not compassionate.

Guns: Gun offenses are a small fraction and a trailing indicator of raging crime. As shocking as record US homicides are, this is less than 00.2% of all crime. For each homicide there are 625 additional reported felonies. Inanimate objects are not driving skyrocketing crime, toxic policies that undercut criminal justice are. 

Corrections Spending: The cost of crime is incalculable and beyond mere economics. Opioids are the number one killer of those 18 to 44, and homicides target mostly those in mid-life. $Trillions have been spent on social programs, corrections spending is less than 1% of that. Yet many are absolutely opposed to spending that protects the public. This commitment is vital. Truth-In-Sentencing was so successful at cutting crime that eventually incarcerations also started to fall. 

Police: Every police union in the country opposed the progressive agenda, yet people right here ran by the hundreds of thousands to the polls to stick it them. Wisconsin is down to 13,500 officers, even small towns struggle to attract applicants. The situation is critical. 

Running for Office in the Age of Fascism

This was my campaign website when I ran for office in the spring election on crime policy. Immediately my campaign email account was hacked and down for 10 days. I had to upgrade to a high security account and a second email as backup. Some of my supporters were afraid to post yard signs. I was censored through out my campaign, in particular on NextDoor. That site is controlled locally by anti-free speech zealots Nancy Merriman and Ann Raisler. They violate stated NextDoor policy about local politics. These two have probably censored me over 100 times.

N. Merriman claimed the repeated censorship did not effect my campaign even though the point was to cripple my communications. Ann Raisler, who hides under Annie R, is so clueless she does not know what a ‘crime rate’ is and could not calculate one. But she thinks it is her duty to not let others talk about crime when she does not approve. Big Bro Tech relies on little nobodies: hide-in-the-dark zealots, to mop up for them.

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